We Polish Brass Copper Steel and Alloys Iron

Expert Polishing ServiceShiny Fireplace

Fireplaces, Lamps, Coal Scuttles, Hand Rails etc

With our polishing service we strip paint off and polish cast iron fireplaces in the wall saving clients expensive removal and refitting costs and possible damage caused by doing so. we can restore and refinish period marble and slate mantlepieces in situ as well as repolishing brass and steel and copper fenders, companion sets, coal scuttles.

We polish brass, copper, steel and alloy items to a high finish.

Examples of previous jobs include:
brass door and window furniture,
carpet stair rods,
brass or steel period bedends,
fenders and fireside tools,
coal buckets,
alloy items including pushbikes and motorcycle parts.

Examples of previous on-site jobs include:
hand rails,
bell pulls.

We have many satisfied customers.
FireplaceNo job too small.
Reasonable Rates.